From a psychogeographic novel on ageing to academic writing ‘on the spatial dimensions of ageing’ Ageing Facilities deploys a variety of different writing strategies to critically explore other ways of imagining and using the urban environment in older age.

The Fluid Pavement


A semi-fictional novel on the spatial dynamics of ageing.

Available in Large Print through the London Borough of Newham’s Housebound Library Service. (A small print annotated edition is available through the RIBA library).

Active Ageing


An essay exploring the creative practice of elderly-specific interventions in urban regeneration.

(Forthcoming Ashgate Press 2012).

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones


A trompe l’oeil dictionary page on older age (exists as a dictionary page insert). May be read as a critique of the representational politics of older age – or as a comical spread of equivalent age-designating terms.