Ageing Facilities uses a variety of ground-level, participative and propositional projects to actively explore and test out different ways of imagining and using the urban environment in older age.

Civil Twilight


A brief exercise in the small pleasures of displacement and risk-taking – or how to move into less comfortable spaces and times of day.

For one night only an elders-only dance class goes dancing outdoors in a park after dark – taking over the games area of a park that is, by this time of day, officially out of bounds.

Based on a self-initiated dance class “residency”, this choreographed displacement of ‘elderly’ activity is built up gradually over the course of 6 months through regular, weekly attendance at the dance class building up relationships over time, through the construction of 1:1 relationships (the partnered activity of learning to dance  one to one).


Resistant Sitting


Resistant Sitting is an ongoing exercise cataloguing the creative appropriation of generic streetscape objects as temporary sitting spots (where standard public provision for sitting is lacking).

Available in the format of an alternative street furniture catalogue ‘for pensioners only’ with portable cushioning.


Clutter Cushioning


Clutter Cushioning is a lightweight portable cushion made-to-measure the dimensions of the standard Abacus roadside bollard (sat on where standard provision for public seating is lacking). An Ageing Facilities commission realised by artist Verity Jane Keefe.

Produced as an alternative to generic aids for older adults this bespoke cushion aims to both formalise and enable the ad hoc re-appropriation of the generic street. (Available as reversible fair and wet-weather cushion – with min. 300mm padding).




Audio Aid


A sodcasting device for older adults built out of an adapted shopping trolley.



A part-propositional device to reconfigure standard perceptions of generationally-appropriate behaviour in public space. May be hired out for loan for a day or, alternatively, self-assembled (with the aid of the Audio Aid Self-Assembly Manual).

Houses an expanding archive of site-specific tracks to be played while wheeling the Audio Aid when out-and-about. (Available for public hire on demonstration of a valid Freedom Pass).